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Job Title: Senior Project Manager

Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the entire process of software project, including project establishment, planning, design, research and development, testing and other stages;

2, formulate the project plan, manage and monitor the scope, progress, cost and quality of the project, and ensure the project goal is reached;

3, Responsible for risk tracking and management, identify risks in time and take effective measures to avoid risks;

4, Responsible for inter-departmental and cross-company communication and coordination;

5, organize and solve various problems in the project implementation process, organize project members to analyze and solve the problems;

6, the company's project management process proposed constructive reference suggestions or suggestions.


1, Bachelor degree or above, with 3 years of relevant industry experience, 2 years of software project management and teamwork experience;

2, Familiar with the whole process of mobile phone software and Internet product development;

4, good communication and coordination and learning ability, quick thinking dialectical ability, excellent team spirit;

5, a passion for work, have good communication skills and team spirit, strong compression;


Job: Planning Director

Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with consumer electronic products

2. Analyze and summarize the product's features, combine it with individual channel characteristics, come up with ideas and advance execution

3 insight into the characteristics and preferences of people in various channels, proposed for the channel characteristics of promotional programs

4. There are independent occupation channels, and to promote the project's ability

5. Can write fluent text, 30s ability to explain things clearly

6. Sensitive to the visual, unique aesthetic


1. mac / win basic software operation

2. vpn / shadowsocks / ssledge and other software habits